Service in the welding and maintenance industry has become something of the past. As companies grow, they begin to service only those they feel they have to. If you do not find this to be true, then read no further. On the other hand, if this sounds a little bit familiar, then read on.

Have you ever experienced these problems:

  • Outstanding initial service that erodes slowly when you really seem to need it.
  • Salesmen that don't take the time to see what you actually need, and only care about their commission.
  • No emergency situation help.
  • Promises of "we stock it for you" that never seem to materialize.
  • Store hours that don't coincide with yours.
  • Lack of technical knowledge.
  • Promises of "we will get it for you tomorrow" when it isn't possible.
  • "That is obsolete" is a phrase that you hear every time something becomes a little bit of a hassle.

These problems, amongst others, are problems that we have encountered when out on the road over the last several years. We have decided to offer a solution to all of your problems with one little company. When I say little, it is purely because we are. We are, and have been, able to service big companies, but we specialize in the smaller companies that have special needs.

Here is our pricing guarantee: "We will simply be competitively priced, or we will tell you otherwise. If we can not compete, we will say, "sorry, we can't compete and that you should look to pay this much for that product."

If we are competitive, you get our service with our product, which makes our product a bargain every time.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Torco, and we hope to do business with you real soon.

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